Fátima Lázaro is a Mexican typeface and graphic designer, currently based between Paris, France & Mexico City. She creates typefaces, including bespoke designs and type development, lettering, and printed matters for commissioned work. She also develops her own typeface design projets.

In 2018 she graduated from the postgraduate program Typographie & Langage (EsadType) in Amiens, France, where she designed her first typeface family, Cardone. Since then, she has collaborated with inspiring designers such as Alice Savoie (Frenchtype), Roxane Gataud, Prototypo†, Bureau 205 or 205TF (Typographie Française). She is a contributor to the creative cycling project NVAYRK as an independent art director since its foundation in 2015.

She is currently available for collaborations.
For further information, please contact:
FR— +33 07 7183 8468